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Welcome to Vingelen- A modern day fairytale of a mountain community!

Sun-parched timber buildings on gently sloping hillsides, where sheep and cows graze. You will find nighttime shelter in a 200 hundred years old house on a farm or in a cabin in the mountains. Vingelen is a picturesque detour on the road between Tynset and Røros that you don't want to miss

Online booking - mountain cabins

Here you can book your stay in Vingelen in a mountain cabin. The cabins at Bjønntjønnan and Koversjøen are situated by small fishing waters and comes with a boat. If you prefer a stay at Vingelen Guesthouse, a summer house on a farm or a different cabin  - please contact the hosts directly. More information can be found under "Accommodation".  

Book your stay in a mountain cabin now

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