The picturesque old mining town Røros is only a 40 minute drive from Vingelen, and offers a variety of winter activities. Most popular are the Christmas market in early December and the Røros Winter Fair in late February.
A visit to this small town with timber houses and freezing cold temperatures gives you a once in a lifetime experience. Visit
Røros homepage
to read more about both winter and summer activities.

Rørosmartnan Lasskjørere passerer Vingelen Elin Gransletten

Traders passing through Vingelen on their way to the annual Røros Winter Fair. Photo: Elin G. Gransletten

Røros spark unger Flanderborg Tom Gustavsen

Children on kicksled in the streets of Røros. Photo: Tom Gustavsen

Røros vinter Destinasjon Røros

Røros with its famous landmark - the church Bergstaden Ziir. Photo: Destinasjon Røros


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